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Headline : Trump That: Putin Trumps Trump in car game
Caption : Putin Trumps Trump - Vlad the Bad comes out on Top as new deck of Top Trumps hits the shelves

This week, the famous British card game launches Spitting Image Top Trumps, in which politicians, Royal Family members and celebrities battle it out in categories like ‘heart throb’,‘bank balance’, ‘shelf-life’ and ‘world domination’.

• DISHY RISHI, THE NATION’S HOTTIE - Rishi Sunak trumps the rest to come out as the biggest heart throb, beating Priti Patel and Meghan Markle to top spot
• COVID-19 DOMINATES THE WORLD - Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump battle it out for World Domination, but there is a new kid on the block and Covid-19 is showing them who's boss
• ECO- WARRIOR TO THE END - She’s not going anywhere! Young Greta Thunberg has the longest ‘shelf-life’ in the pack
• PRINCE UNCHARMING - Prince Andrew gets a big fat zero for shelf-life after his royal career and public persona took a dive
• BIG BUCKS - Elon Musk tops this rich list and makes the others look poor

The famous card game, which was also a family favourite in the 1980s (and continues to be so today), has launched hundreds of titles over the years from Cars to Dinosaurs and Breaking Bad to Star Wars. In a game of Top Trumps, the idea is to ‘trump’ your opponent by picking a stat and hoping it beats theirs, and in brand new Spitting Image Top Trump, players have four controversial categories to pick from.

‘Dishy Rishi’ Sunak comes out as the biggest ‘heart throb’ in the pack, just beating Priti Patel, Harry and Meghan. British politician Rishi won the nation’s hearts after supporting the country during the pandemic and therefore take’s the top spot. Ed Sheeran (who is depicted with a turnip coming out of his head in the TV show), comes out almost bottom, only just beating Covid-19, sorry Ed!

Who is after world domination? Who wants the power, or most importantly, who is capable of achieving it? With lots of characters in the pack being hungry for power, who is going to win at ‘world domination’? There are some powerful world leaders, but of course Covid-19 has spread across the planet, wreaking havoc in pretty much every country and is therefore ready to take them on.

The next category is ‘shelf-life’... how much longer will they be seen as ‘relevant’? Well it’s no surprise that Prince Andrew gets a zero, after dropping all his royal duties this year, following his recent scandals. 17 year old Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg however, has many years left in the public eye (and probably a lot more to give the world) and therefore comes out trumps in this category.

Who is the wealthiest? The final category is ‘bank balance’ and with a fair bit of money between them, who takes the lead? Whilst Xi JinPing and The Pope come out as being pretty minted, the winner is of course engineer and businessman, Elon Musk who has a net worth of around $93m, trumping everyone else’s bank balance and taking the win. He does however, only just beat Covid-19 who has rinsed many economies this year.

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