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Headline : Haig Club Releases 'Leave As You Arrived' Film With David Beckham
Caption : Today Diageo releases Leave as You Arrived, a new film from HAIG CLUB as part the brand’s commitment to responsible drinking.

The film, featuring global icon and HAIG CLUB business partner David Beckham, marks the next progressive step in Diageo’s determination to bring responsible drinking to the forefront of consumer thinking in innovative and authentic ways.

Like HAIG CLUB, the 60-second film is designed to be different: directed by Grammy Award winning Swedish director, Jonas Akerlund the film plays out in reverse - the end of the film is in fact the beginning and shows David Beckham and his friends as immaculately put together leaving the bar as when they arrived.

Ronan Beirne, Global Brand Director said: “Responsible drinking is an integral part of the HAIG CLUB philosophy and we have a shared belief with our business partner, David Beckham, about quality over quantity and the importance of drinking in moderation. #LeaveAsYouArrived was designed to showcase the benefits of drinking in moderation on a night out. HAIG CLUB believes that looking as good leaving the bar as when you arrived, is the epitome of style.”

David Beckham said: “There are many reasons why I wanted to partner with Diageo on HAIG CLUB, and one of them is their commitment to responsible drinking. Jonas did a very nice job bringing our idea to life with this new film.”

Carolyn Panzer, Global Alcohol in Society Director, Diageo, said: “Being stylish and in control go hand-in-hand. This campaign shows just how aspirational drinking in moderation has become, and is all about encouraging adults who choose to drink, to do so responsibly. Encouraging moderation is not in conflict with our goals as an alcohol producer: in fact, it lines up very clearly with our values and aims as a business. We want to lead people towards drinking better, not more, and this campaign is a powerful example of how our brands are helping us to do that.”

#LeaveAsYouArrived is part of HAIG CLUB’s ongoing commitment to responsible drinking and will continue to roll out globally across social media with additional exclusive content designed to celebrate drinking in moderation. This will include content from cities across the world showcasing real people in #LeaveAsYouArrived moments.

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