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A former security guard at a Co-op in Manchester is living out his fantasy as the Lord of the Jungle himself - Tarzan.
DeWet Du Toit, a 24-year-old unemployed bodybuilder, was turned onto Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic pulp fiction hero through his father's collection of comics and books whilst growing up as a child in Namibia.
Now he spends three days a week emulating his hero in the jungle near his hometown of George, Western Cape, South Africa. Sleeping in trees, swinging on vines, eating wild fruits and insects.
His best friend is an elephant called Shaka and he freely admits to prefer spending time, literally, hanging out with his furry friends rather than drinking in clubs and bars.
The lion clothed lookalikey dreams of following in the footsteps of: Johnny Weissmuller Buster Crabbe and Christopher Lambert in a Hollywood remake of his hero. He has starred in his own short-films, made with his brother in association with Zodiac Media Productions, and has had many requests to travel to the USA to make appearances at Tarzan convention.
DeWet accepts that people think his actions unusual, but he is adamant that being the Lord of the Jungle is what he was born to do. As yet, this Tarzan has no Jane...but he is on the lookout as he admits being Tarzan ".... does get lonely."
South Africa - 01.02.12
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