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Headline : Eccentric Detroit Estate And It's Contents Goes On Sale
Caption : A unique home has hit the market in Detroit, drawing curious eyes to its bizarre Grecian goddess bedrooms, cherub-decorated dining room, Elvis-themed basement and carpeted ceilings.

Homeowner Ronald Nassar decided it was time to part ways with his home that he calls the Lion Gate Estate, which he curated with an array of curious artifacts into thematic rooms that transport guests into a new world with every door.

The unique home is on sale for $550,000 and comes with all its unique interiors as well as two custom cars, complimentary of the former automotive designer.

'I call it the wow factor' Nassar said on his home located at 450 West Grixdale.

'It's a simple three letter word but it says a lot and if I can get that out of anybody that walks in for the first time I'm happy. I've done my job,' he said to Money.

Upon entering the front door of the 1950s property, the home lives up to its name. The front white gate features lion statues lining the entry way. A golden lion head is set as the door knocker.

Nassar brought his artistic eye into the design element of his three bedroom, four bathroom home, transforming every room into a museum-like experience. Bedrooms are cream and white and decorated with porcelain and gold statues of Grecian goddesses with silver adornments.

A living room is completely white and silver with mirror walls featuring a lush white leather couch, luxurious fireplace, and sleek grand white piano.

A dining room is a vision from a palace of old with baroque gold cherub art hung on the walls, a grand crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling, and a long glass dining table set at the center.

Other parts of the house reveal more quirky mysteries.

One area appears out of a page of Alice and Wonderland with patterned mirror ceilings and black and white tiles lining the floor. The basement transports guests into a live band bar where Elvis is already singing on stage.

Old Hollywood memorabilia line the walls and an array of seats are set up for guests to sip a drink and watch the stage that's lit up around a standing cardboard cut-out of King of Rock n Roll.

The kitchen has appliances from the 1960s that Nassar says work as good as new. A kitchen eating area reveals an intricately painted flower arrangement on the ceiling. The home owner says much of the art is done by hand.

The garage reveals a car-lover's dream. The walls are stuffed with car memorabilia and a hand painted mural. The garage also houses the 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan and a custom Lincoln Mark IV Coup, both painted white.

The home also includes a lavish backyard decorated with fountains, a cabana and heated pool.

'I’ve never been in a house like that,' Real Estate One agent Alex Lauer said.

'Everything in the house is included with the house — there’s all sorts of stuff in there to go through,' he added to Money.
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