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Headline : Tarzan Bids to Climb Kilimanjaro
Caption : Tarzan is making a bid to climb Kilimanjaro . . . well not exactly.
DeWet Du Toit, the Lord of the Jungle impersonator who has taken his passion for Edgar Rice Borroughs's pulp character to extreme lengths, has reached the top 200 from over 2000 applicants worldwide interested in being selected as one of 5 people - two outstanding individuals together with three startup founders - who apply to be part of ALPHA at The Summit, to join an incredible group of leading tech entrepreneurs, investors and influencers in climbing Africa’s highest mountain in September, and sharing their stories from the Main Stage at The Summit.
The 24 year old, former security guard at a Co-op in Manchester and unemployed bodybuilder, has been Tarzan crazy since growing up as a child in Namibia. He spends three days a week emulating his hero in the jungle near his hometown of George, Western Cape, South Africa. Sleeping in trees, swinging on vines, eating wild fruits and insects. His best friend is an elephant called Shaka and he freely admits to prefer spending time, literally, hanging out with his furry friends rather than drinking in clubs and bars.
The lion clothed lookalikey dreams of following in the footsteps of: Johnny Weissmuller Buster Crabbe and Christopher Lambert in a Hollywood remake of his hero. He has starred in his own short-films and says he is very interested in the new Tarzan movie with David Yates as director: "I believe I have what it takes to be Hollywood’s next Tarzan!"
DeWet recently hung out with a Bengalese tiger and a three metre boa constrictor snake, as well as boarding a train in a skimpy 'Tarzan' loincloth in Cape Town, when starring alongside Japanese television celebrity Ayako Imoto.
He is also selected as the African Ambassador for California-based wildlife organisation A-TEAM FOR WILDLIFE alongside CEO Dr Ken Jones - caring for animals photographed at Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn, South Africa!.
But it's the chance to climb Kilimanjaro that really gets him roaring. With one week to go before the applicants are whittled down to a final fifty where upon the winners will be announced.
DeWet Du Toit's submission video can be seen on YouTube:
To see his application to climb Kilimanjaro, visit
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