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Headline : Concept Images Reveal What The Future Babies Of HOT Celebrity Couples Could Look Like, Including The Biebers And Tommy And Molly-Mae
Caption : 2020 has seen many celebrity couples go public with their relationship, get engaged and talk openly about their desire to have children one day. Because of this, a team of designers at have created a number of concept images that depict what the future children might look like for some of the world’s hottest celebrity couples who currently don’t have any offspring.

The images created look at the 6-month old future children of Love Island’s Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Rylan Clark-Neal and his husband Dan Neal, Leigh-Anne from Little Mix and her fiancé Andre Gray, Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, as well as Zoella Sugg and Alfie Deyes.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae - a baby boy named TJ
TJ has been envisaged with Tommy’s piercing blue eyes and pointed ears, whilst his jaw line and lips take after Molly-Mae. Other notable features include rosy cheeks and mousy brown hair.

Justin and Hailey Bieber - a baby boy named Jaxon
Jaxon has inherited brown eyes from both his parents, but a thinner, more pointed nose like Hailey and blonde wispy hair. Jaxon also has a cheeky smile and has already started teething.

Rylan Clark-Neal and Dan Neal - a baby girl named Nikki-Mae
Nikki-Mae looks more like Rylan’s husband Dan with her small eyes and brown locks. She has inherited both dad’s foreheads and beautiful smiles.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Andre Gray - a baby boy named Rio
Little Rio takes both his parents’ defining features, with his dark hair and brown eyes. He gets his ears from his dad though, whilst his nose and face shape are more that of Leigh-Anne.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan - a baby girl named Monroe
Monroe has been imagined to look more like her dad, Mark, with dark brown hair and olive skin, she also has a diamond face shape and a thinner top lip.

Zoella and Alfie Deyes - a baby girl named Petal-Grace
Just like her parents when they were younger, Petal-Grace has blonde hair, teamed with Zoella’s blue eyes. She has Alfie’s face shape and nose, but Zoella’s lovely lips with a prominent cupid bow.

Saffron Hughes, in-house Make-Up Artist at, commented on the concept images:

“These images are so life-like and we really can see their parents’ features in their cute, cherub faces. I can’t wait to see if any of these couples go on to have children, and how accurate we are with our predictions!”


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