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BRITNEY SPEARS has been released from the psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center just three days after learning she faced a fortnight locked in a padded room.
The pop star was committed to the Resnick Neuropsychiatric wing of the hospital on Thursday (31Jan07) upon the advice of her personal doctor.
Spears was initially placed on a 72-hour hold; this was upgraded to a 14-day stay at the weekend (03Feb08).
But Spears was released on Wednesday morning (06Feb08). She left in a car driven by Lindsay Lohan's former bodyguard, an exIsraeli Army soldier. It is understood Spears' parents, who have taken control of the singer's legal, financial and security affairs, hired the new minder.
The hardcore bodyguard hit the headlines in October (07) when he was caught on camera threatening to track down a photographer who kicked Lohan during a Halloween (31Oct07) fracas in an underground parking garage in Los Angeles.
The unnamed heavy chased away the kicker after the attack and then asked other snappers to identify the man.
When they couldn't, the bodyguard asked one to find out who the guy was and tell him, "I want to meet him personally."
The mystery bodyguard has established a fearsome reputation among the Los Angeles paparazzi for his ruthless efforts to keep his clients safe at all costs. (KL/WN)

Britney Spears arrives at Beverly Hills Hotel after being released from the psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, California - 06.02.08
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