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Headline : To celebrate World Record Store Day Groupon creates the 'Rock and Pop Hall of Fashion Fame: The 100 Most Iconic Outfits In Music'
Caption : To commemorate World Record Store Day which is being held around the world on the 16th April, Groupon teamed up with illustrator Dan Sherratt to bring you the Rock and Pop Hall of Fashion Fame.

Featuring the 100 most iconic outfits from music videos and live performances, everyone from David Bowie and Michael Jackson, to Lady Gaga and The Sex Pistols have been included. The only question is: do you agree with our top 100 iconic outfits?

You can see the Rock and Pop Hall of Fashion Fame at the following link:

Record Store Day has been celebrated on the third Saturday in April since 2007. It helps to bring music fans and artists from around the world together to celebrate the culture of the independent record store.
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