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LINDSAY LOHAN is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in an
effort to control her partying ways.
The actress/singer's publicist, LESLIE SLOANE, has confirmed
Lohan is seeking help, adding, "It is going to be a slow process,
and this is (a) very positive thing."
Sloane says she's asking the media not to intrude on the
meetings or follow Lohan, 20, to and from the gatherings.
She tells America's People magazine, "Maybe if (the press)
backs off on her she'll be in a good space.
"Let's see if we don't have to hear about it every day, and
they're following her and trying to find her. Because that will
just really not be good."
The announcement comes just days after Lohan joined newly-
single BRITNEY SPEARS and on-off pal PARIS HILTON for a series
of late-night parties.
Lohan's mother spoke about her daughter's AA involvement on Los
Angeles radio presenter RYAN SEACREST's morning show yesterday
(01DEC06), agreeing with Sloane and stating, "It's a positive
thing." (KL/WN&PE)

Lindsay Lohan
Arrivals at the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring George Clooney held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
Beverly Hills, California USA - 13.10.06
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