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BRITNEY SPEARS has started courting the paparazzi after a string of failed romances.
The Toxic pop star reportedly spent intimate time with a British snapper called Adnan after a wild night out in Los Angeles on Saturday (22Dec07).
The couple went back to Spears' new home from home, the Peninsula hotel, after the pop star literally picked the pap up from the 40-plus snappers following her around town.
Spears reportedly took her paparazzi army on a wild goose chase around Malibu and Hollywood on Saturday night, stopping at four gas stations and making regular roadside stops to take photos of random homes.
One pap tells WENN, "It was bizarre. No one knew what she was doing. At one point, she pulled over on the freeway and invited a paparazzi into her car. She seemed to be having a lot of fun."
Minutes later, Spears got out of her car and stepped into the British snapper's vehicle. The couple then sped off to the Peninsula.
The snapper, a former boxer and longtime British paparazzo, left the hotel on Sunday morning (23Dec07), and drove Spears home.
The odd `romance' comes just two weeks after Spears denied she was pregnant with on-off boyfriend J.R. Rotem's child.
The pop star has also been romantically connected to Jessica Simpson's American football star boyfriend Tony Romo, realtor Robert Edie and waiter Michael Marchand in recent weeks. (KL/WN)

After having dinner in Cross Creek, a bra-less Britney Spears sent paparazzi on a wild goose chase following her strange antics from location to location. She made not one, but two toilet stops - the first at Walgreens 24-hour pharmacy where she came out holding a video camera, and the second at a gas station where she held her nose until she returned to her car. Her peculiar behaviour didn't stop there - the singer made another spontaneous stop to take pictures of a building before taking refuge in a photographers car.
Malibu, California - 22.12.07
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