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Headline : ARCHIVE Britney Spears - Singer forgets she is famous
Caption : NEWS: Britney Spears finds it hard to relate to other celebrities - because she often forgets she is famous. The Toxic singer is adamant she has never behaved like a diva and considers her life in the public eye "just a job." And she berates other stars who have let their egos run wild - admitting her famous peers often find her down to earth attitude disconcerting. She tells Britain's OK magazine, "I donā??t look at myself as famous. That really freaks other celebrities out, because they do think of themselves as this goddess or this big celebrity, while I think of it as a job. "Iā??m still the same old silly Britney. I know Iā??m famous but I donā??t look at it like other people do. Sometimes it surprises me because I forget that I am famous. I do - I totally forget.ā??

ARCHIVE Britney Spears on the set of her new campaign for Candie's.
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