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Headline : Colourful Alien-like Critter Captured By Macro Lens In Colombia
Caption : Specialist insect photographer David Weiller captured these fantastic images of an alien-like critter while on a pre-COVID excursion to the Colombian rainforest. While searching for colourful butterflies and tiny treehoppers to photograph near his team’s camp, David came across this very rare and huge (7 cm) colourful Spiny Devil Katydid, ‘’which was probably attracted the night before by light of the camp’’.

In these unseen images David revealed how he captured the creature on camera, the snapper said: "I set up my tripod, camera and macro lens with a diffused flashlight and started taking a few pictures for a few minutes until it jumped away and disappeared in the jungle.’’

Explaining his find's significance, he added: "The scientific name Panacanthus intensus was only first validated in 2004 and so is a relatively new species to us’’.
PersonInImage : Spiny Devil Katydid