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Headline : Meet B, The First Bee Influencer
Caption : Meet B, the first bee influencer.

The CGI insect poses in social media pictures to raise awareness of declining bee populations.

The Fondation de France (leading philanthropy network in France) which has been committed for 50 years to environmental and biodiversity issues, created the BEEFUND, a caritative fund supporting crucial initiatives dedicated to bees’ protection.

The Fondation de France and the BEEFUND launched B.’s account as a new innovative way to raise money on these important issues.

‘B’ explains: “I want to please brands around the world to raise money to save bees, many of which disappear every year. I need you: the more followers I have on Instagram, the more interested brands are and the more money I will collect. It is often thought that the disappearance of bees only concerns bees. Far from it. Bees are a fundamental pillar of our ecosystem, our food, and our global economic system. Protecting bees means protecting the planet, but also humankind.”

The objective for B. is to recruit as many followers as possible, to raise brands’ interest.

This way, brands will collaborate with her and generate ad revenues.

The more followers @bee_nfluencer has, the more money she raises to save the bees.

These revenues will be donated to the BEEFUND to save the bees.

@bee_nfluencer shares her daily life as a bee and as an influencer on her Instagram account. She aims to become famous to generate visibility around the disappearance of her kind.

@Bee_nfluencer uses its reputation and community to:

- Raise awareness and alert as many people as possible of the urgency of the bees situation. To do so, B. answers followers’ questions and share information through her editorial

- Support the cause through sponsored partnerships with brands through the BEEFUND. In this spirit,B. already partnered with Ricola, the swiss brand.

In only 4 months @bee_nfluencer raised 116K followers.
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