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Headline : Young Rescued Fox Poses For Charming Halloween Pictures
Caption : Photographer Richard Bowler captured these charming pictures of a young abandoned fox he has adopted – tinkering with a Halloween scene he had set up.

Richard, who lives on a rural smallholding near Corwen, Wales, took two-year-old Charlie on after he was abandoned on a patio in Hertfordshire for seven days.

He explains: “He loved exploring the little set I made up in one of our stables, his favourite game was nicking the apples and running off with them. When he did pose for me, he stuck his tongue out to as if to say this isn't going to happen. With foxes you need patience and a few bits of hidden sausage strategically placed.

“Charlie was abandoned on a patio aged about two weeks; the homeowners tried to get help for him from animal charities but after seven days contacted me. Charlie needed a lot of attention due to lacking the calcium he needed from an early from his mother's milk. Luckily, we were able to address the problems he had with his back legs; he's formed a very strong bond with me as well as with Maddy our terrier who loves all the foxes we care for.”
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