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Headline : New Tech Toothbrush Cleans All Your Teeth Within 20 Seconds
Caption : Put down your slowing electric toothbrush and start the stopwatch: the smartest new set of bristles on the market promises to “dentist clean” your teeth in just 20 seconds.

Encompass has been five years in the making by a team of designers and dental experts, led by Sonicare and Clarisonic’s former director of engineering.

The LA-based start-up has developed a new patented technology in a bid rethink the way we brush our teeth: no more cleaning one or two teeth at a time - Encompass cleans half your teeth in one go.

Bite down on the bristle-lined J-shaped half-mouthpiece and it’ll flex to adjust to the size and shape of your teeth, ensuring optimal bristle contact for every tooth. The motor then moves up and down 100 times a second, deep cleaning all the teeth on one side of your mouth in 10 seconds.

You’ll be done in under half a minute, less than the average 45- to 70-second brushing time achieved by most of us in the UK, according to the Academy of General Dentistry (experts recommend at least two minutes with a traditional toothbrush).

Encompass’s turbo-brush uses a patented air pump system inside the handle to hit its 100 brushes-per-minute count, and it’s whisper-quiet, gently cleaning along the teeth and gum line so silently you can hardly hear it.

It’s already achieved more than eight times its funding goal on Indiegogo and the first products start shipping next year at a starting price of £85.
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