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Headline : Smart Bed Comes With A Built-In 70-Inch TV Screen To Make Your Binge-Watching Cinematic
Caption : If you ever needed anymore reasons not to leave your bed, this smart bed could be it.

Dubbed the HiBed, it comes with a projector, screen, and built-in speakers for those who love to stay home and binge-watch Netflix.

Created by Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella for furniture brand Hi-Interiors, the bed frame has its own app which operates the built-in 4K projector, a retractable 70-inch screen and speakers.

The bed also analyses and keeps track of the user's sleeping patterns and body weight, in addition to monitoring the room temperature, air quality and noise level. Its built-in ambient lighting can also be used as a night light, reading light, or alarm in the morning, along with a smart alarm that plays daily weather and news notifications.

"We dream of a world in which our environment will listen to us more and more and will be the key to our well-being" say Ivan and Gianni Tallarico, founders of Hi- Interiors.

"We have recreated a space in space, a personal sanctuary where interaction can reach the 5 senses," Gianni continues.

"Chromatic, olfactory, sound, visual and movement scenarios allow living, for example, ideal atmospheres to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus on nights when it seems impossible to sleep.'

"You can monitor your breathing and the states of apnea that can occur during sleep, share them with your doctor, and complete the rest routine with the notes of your favorite music as the soundtrack of your awakening scenario".

The HiBed Early Bird Campaign is now open with prices starting from €12.500. The first 100 early birds will have guaranteed delivery within the first half of 2020 and the right to enjoy an exclusive 20% OFF “Early Bird" discount on the final purchase price.
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