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Headline : Designers Reimagine Notre Dame’s Roof As A Giant Greenhouse
Caption : French architects have revealed a stunning set of plans to redesign the Notre Dame Cathedral's fire-ravaged roof as a greenhouse.

The proposal was shared after French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe proposed 'an international architecture competition' to rebuild the iconic cathedral's spire which was completely destroyed in the fast-spreading blaze on April 15.

Prime Minister Philippe shared his wish that the cathedral should be 'adapted to issues of our time' and architects Studio NAB have come up with the concept of turning the damaged roof into a giant greenhouse as a homage to the importance of nature.

The French studio has now showed off its design, which comes with an apiary that takes the place of the spire.

Design photos show the greenhouse perched on top of the church, complete with a golden-hued steel frame filled with glass panels. Inside, there would be rows of planters built from that burnt wood in the old church's attic.

They envisage that the greenhouse and apiary would act as an education hub where people can learn about horticulture and urban agriculture. Studio NAB said that it wanted to look at the redesign of Notre Dame as a question of environmental, educational and social integration.

The plans said: 'On this fire and in the period of crisis that the country and the world are currently going through, we are lucky to build a place of reference where conservation, enrichment of an exceptional heritage and taking into account societal challenges in ecology and equal opportunities.

'Protecting the living, reintroducing biodiversity, educating consciences and being social, are all symbols, faithful to the values of France and those of the church, that we could defend and promote for this project.'

President Emmanuel Macron pledged last week that the cathedral would be rebuilt in five years.
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