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Headline : WORLD PENGUIN DAY: Zookeepers capture the moment penguin lays her eggs at ZSL London Zoo
Caption : WORLD PENGUIN DAY: Zookeepers capture the moment three-year old Humboldt penguin Braccino lays her eggs at ZSL London Zoo.

The two eggs are the first laid by Braccino and her mate, Buffy, at the pair’s Penguin Beach home – the UK’s largest penguin pool.

Penguin keeper Suzi Hyde, who filmed the amazing footage, said: “It was incredible to see Braccino lay her first eggs in the nest she and Buddy have made on Penguin Beach.

“It’s breeding season at the moment, so we’ve been keeping a close eye on our 94 penguins as they begin the process of nesting; choosing the perfect nest spot and making it comfortable for the six weeks they’ll spend incubating their eggs.

“While many of the colony have used the plentiful nestboxes and hidden shelters already scattered around Penguin Beach to lay their clutch, Braccino and Buffy chose their own less private spot to make their nest, which is called a scrape.

“This meant we were able to see it for the very first time - for a penguin keeper it was a really exciting moment.”
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