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Headline : Polar Bear Mother Scrambles Down Ice To Find Cub
Caption : PICTURE SHOWS: Paul Goldstein



A wildlife photographer watched a polar bear family drama play out in front of him.

A mother polar bear had to scramble - twice - down an iceberg ledge when her cub got lost.

The concerned mum had misplaced her one-year-old daughter. But although she could hear the youngster's cries, she was out of sight at the base of the ice wall.

Exodus Travels ( guide Paul Goldstein captured the action at Canada's Baffin Island as the cub failed to climb up.

Hearing her cub, the mother unceremoniously scrambled down the ice. Not finding her offspring, she ascended again, only to repeat the clumsy jump off the ledge down to find the cub.

Paul says: "Finally the gambolling cub located her mother and after a short reunion they investigated the upper reaches of the icy tenement. My heart was in my mouth when they approached the precipice but they quickly turned round and found a gentler route down before walking off.

"In the thirty years I have spent following wildlife this was right up there and worth the sunburn, frost nip and general ailments associated with guiding in the deep freeze."

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