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Headline : Rockit Logs Are Wooden Speakers Handcrafted From Recycled Trees
Caption : Rockit Logs are audiophile wireless speakers mounted in recovered and reclaimed acoustic-quality softwoods sourced from logging industry waste by former World Cup USA footballer Jay DeMerit.

Each Rockit Log has a story to tell: reclaimed from a neglected forest off-cut, left to rot in a pole yard, or part of a fallen tree in an old logging block. These Western Cedar, Fir and Hemlock trees are recovered in a beautiful valley along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Corridor where logging is prevalent and much waste exists.

Most people will know Jay DeMerit from his career as a professional soccer player, but were unaware that he also studied to be an Industrial Product Designer at University of Illinois at Chicago. He placed a huge emphasis on his education, in case his professional athletics dream didnít work out.

With high end Bluetooth audio, a powerful amplifier, and a long battery life, Rockit Logs were designed with powerful sound in mind. Each log is custom tuned to deliver both timeless style and premium sound quality. While most Bluetooth speakers have a power output of between 1 and 5 watts, Rockit Logs boom at 60 watts of pure audio power.

Western Cedar, Fir and Hemlock soft tone woods are used to create a sound profile unlike anything you've heard before. These same woods are used in guitars and violins to deliver full acoustic profiles that provide warmth and amplify quieter tones.

With advanced lithium battery technology, the speakers boast over 10 hours of battery life at full volume. An accompanying USB port lets you charge your devices so you'll never go quiet.

At around 12 inches in diameter, Rockit Logs are made to be easily portable with grab and go handle. The speakers don't require any setup and can be paired with any Bluetooth compatible device or connected through an AUX cord for home audio systems.
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