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Caption : Katie Price aka Jordan and her husband
go to Howdy's at Cross Creek in Malibu for a quick bite to eat after retrieving their car from the impound. Katie's purse appears to be a replica of the White House.
Los Angeles, California - 12.03.09

JORDAN and PETER ANDRE's London Marathon plans took another hit on Thursday (12Mar09) when their rented SUV was towed as they completed a 17-mile training trek around California's Zuma Beach.
Andre was alerted to his missing motor by paparazzi, who told him the illegally-parked GMC Yukon had been removed from the side of the road and taken to a recovery centre.
The Aussie star immediately called off the remainder of his run and called on aides to pick him up.
A source says, "At first he thought the car had been stolen and then the snappers told him it had been towed.
"He was upset because there were bags and bags of Ed Hardy clothing, which he and Jordan had picked up the day before, in the boot."
The towed SUV wasn't the only thing that halted the fit couple in their tracks on their early morning half-marathon - Jordan had finished running earlier, complaining of a recurring knee injury.
The couple is currently in Los Angeles filming a reality series. They both hope to compete in the 2009 London Marathon when they return to Britain next month (Apr09).
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