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With less than a month to go until Christmas, how better to get into the festive spirit than by dressing up as the man himself - Father Christmas. From the small screen to the snow-filled excesses of Hollywood, the stars are queuing up to raid the dressing up box and get a peek at what it's like to be Santa for the day. Some stars opt for the more traditional costume complete with beard, red suit with a fur trim and heavy-duty boots, a la a resplendent Rat Pack in Robin And The Seven Hoods back in 1964. While starlets like all-singing all-dancing siren Jessica Simpson chooses something less demure for her moment of festive fame. And even those who aren't strictly human are getting in on the act - check out Barney Rubble, Homer Simpson and even 1960s equine delight, talking horse Mister Ed. (JC/WN/CG)

Shown: Art Carney (as Henry Corwin as Santa Claus)
The Twilight Zone (CBS)
Directed by Jack Smight
Episode: Night of the Meek, December 23, 1960
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