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Headline : Stunning shots of a giant moth resting on a tree in Borneo, East Malaysia
Caption : Wildlife photographer David Weiller captured these shots of la arge Brahmaea Hearseyi moth which was resting during the night while visiting Crocker Range National Park in Sabah, Borneo, East Malaysia.

David said ‘’ When I saw this huge 15cm moth, freshly hatched and with its striking patterns, I was so impressed. After observing it fly around the light for a while, it settled for the night on a nearby tree trunk. This moth has some of the most intricate 'optical illusion' wing patterns. The impressive fake ‘eye’ markings makes it look like an owl or a tiger depending on its head is down or up. The parallel fine lines are typical of the graphic patterns of the Family Brahmaeidae.
These lines are wavy, broken, accentuated and cover a large part of the wing surface. One may notice the curious "electrocardiograms" of the hindwings, and the "tiger skin" effect of the forewings’’.

Mr Weiller, who is a French national, spends much of his time in Malaysia's vast jungles photographing wildlife. David took these shots a few days before the parks were closed to visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic and he returned to France.

Pictured: Brahmaea Hearseyi moth (Brahmaeidae, Lepidoptera) from Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia.
PersonInImage : Brahmaea Hearseyi Moth