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Headline : FIRE-RARI: Classic sportscar up in flames in Monaco
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FIRE-RARI: Classic sportscar up in flames in Monaco

A rare Ferrari F40, worth an estimated $1.4 million, went up in smoke on the streets of Monte Carlo as the car’s helpless owner stood and watched.

An Instagrammer who goes by the Instagram handle smih_carspotting captured the footage of the inferno after the Ferrari’s rear engine lit up, quickly engulfing the rest of the luxury motor.

The unnamed owner simply had to stand by as his pride and joy was destroyed before his very eyes, becoming an unrecognisable shell within minutes.

The Ferrari F40 is recognised as one of the finest driving cars ever made. Reaching top speeds of 367 kph/228 mph, it was one of the fastest production cars of the late 1980s. Ferrari built around 1,311 F40s, but now there’s one less on the road today.
PersonInImage : Ferrari F40 catches fire on Monte-Carloe street