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Headline : Unveiled: Dartz Prombron Black Stallion Created For Mystery Action Film
Caption : Keep an eye out for this unique four-wheeled beast on the silver screen – although the firm that conjured it up are keeping tight-lipped about which movie they have created it for.

The one-off, super-rugged Dartz Prombron Black Stallion can be seen in these impressive images, and Cover Images are the first to have video of the vehicle being shown off (

Dartz previously fashioned eye-catching vehicles for films such as The Dictator, in which Sacha Baron Cohen’s character rode in one of Dartz’s gold-plated cars.

Detailing on the menacing new jet-black SUV includes a badge featuring a skull in a flight cap with bullets and crossed rifles, while similar skulls appear on the wheel hubcaps and INSIDE the fuel cap cover.

The Stallion appears to be based on a Hummer H2, although Dartz are keeping quiet on modification details.

According to, it is powered by a 6.2 Hellcat V8 supercharged motor, resulting in 1,000 horsepower. The interior cabin is wrapped in ray leather and alligator skin.

Leonard Yankelovich, head of Latvia-based Dartz, told Cover Images: “We built car for an action movie. This car will be priceless after movie. But - like Aston martin guys - we will start to produce same ones in "civilian" versions starting, from Eur 300,000. It can bulletproof or "like bulletproof".

Dartz describe themselves as “Opulent and Armored Car Manufacturers, creators of movie cars for The Dictators, villains, cops, spies, tycoons”.
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