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Headline : Five friends create 'Icehenge' in the middle of a frozen lake
Caption : Created on top of Wisconsin’s frozen Rock Lake this ‘cool’ sculpture is the work of five friends from the Lake Mills area.

Some four years ago Drew McHenry, Kevin Lehner, Quinn Williams, Alec Seamars and Patrick Shields decided it would be fun to try out some antique ice-cutting equipment in a bid to imagine what it would be like to make a living as an ice harvester at the turn of the twentieth century.

The first year, the group had no idea what it was doing and cut huge chunks not realizing the ice weighs about 66 pounds per cubic foot. Some of the pieces were well over 400 pounds but somehow they succeeded in getting them off the lake and set them up at a local business for customers to see.

Over the next couple of years the group thought about actually building something more substantial on the lake for others to enjoy….thus, the “Rock Lake Icehenge” was born.

It was last year that the group attempted to build Icehenge but the persistent below zero temperatures and the thickness of the ice on Rock Lake did not allow them to finish it. This year however, the group of five had almost perfect weather conditions and they were able to finish the sculpture in just two weekends.

This icy version of Stonehenge certainly hasn’t lasted as long as the original but nevertheless it’s still pretty impressive given that the gigantic pillars of ice weigh around 300 pounds each, with the pieces lay on top of them weighing a further 200 pounds each!

Lehner, President of Environmental Compliance Systems, Inc. recently commented, “We are stunned by the popularity of these images and the Ice Henge… It is a great example of how a small group of folks can collaborate to make something magic.”
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