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Headline : South Stream Pipeline Project
Caption : A general view, taken using a drone, of the Pasha dere coast and Rakitnika populated area at the Black sea coast near the town of Varna on Saturday 29th Novemeber, where the South Stream pipeline project is to cross the coast.
Supply vessels Normand Carrier and Normand Corona, which will be used for South Stream gas pipeline construction, arrived at the Black sea harbour of Varna some 450 kms (260 miles) east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The Bulgarian Government has frozen the construction of the South Stream following clear indications from Brussels that EU executives would impose infringements on Bulgaria unless the country re-negotiates its bilateral agreement with Russia for the construction of the pipeline, which is in breach of EU law. Residents of the Rakitnika populated area, whose homes are near the construction, have gathered several times to protest against the South Streame pipeline project.
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