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Headline : Tree art is like pulling teeth...
Caption : If you go down to these woods today you’re sure of a big surprise if you bump into this tree!

Okay, so the tree in question isn’t actually in the woods but rather in the back yard of artist Patrick Catalde’s best friend Andy.

Catalde explains, “It was during my friend's last visit home from California when I noticed what had to be done. The whole operation took roughly four to five hours total; the teeth and gums weren't carved but rather applied. I had never before used modelling clay but gave it a shot and found it works quite well for this application.

The patient did not squirm or fuss and was very good about not trying to speak during the operation. I advised against the gold caps as they aren't the height of fashion these days but this was disregarded, at least in part, due to his being, as he called it, "old school".
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