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Headline : Qinetic Banshee & 847 Squadron
Caption : Qinetic Banshee & 847 Squadron.

Developed from the successful Banshee target, this twin-jet engine powered version was developed using knowledge and experience gained whilst operating the single jet engine variant which entered service in 2010.

The current version is fitted with twin 40kg thrust gas turbine engines giving a total of 80kg of static thrust. This offers an increase in the maximum straight and level airspeed of up to 180metres/second. The use of an auxiliary fuel tank ensures that endurance is similar to that of the single engine version with a typical mixed throttle mission time in excess of 45 minutes.

When fitted with the patented Hot Nose the target provides a forward and side-looking IR source with output in Bands I, II and III, whilst the jet engines provide a realistic rearward looking IR signature.

HMS Prince of Wales is at sea with embarked F35 Lightning jets from 207 Sqn RAF. The aircraft carrier is exercising with multiple F35s for the first time and is continuing to develop her operational capability as she prepares for her first major deployment in 2022.
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