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Headline : Bald Eagles Become Entangled With Each Other
Caption : These two bald eagles look like best friends – or best enemies.

The birds had to receive assistance from police after becoming entangled and unable to fly.

Minnesota’s Apple Valley Police Department were called to the scene as the stricken eagles lay on the road.

However, it was not clear whether they had been fighting or mating.

Apple Valley PD reported Tuesday (22 Oct): “Yesterday our officers were called to these two birds who were tangled up and unable to fly. Kind of like kids fighting - they just need to be separated. We did that and off they went.”

Eyewitness Tressa Housen said: “I saw them in the air and it looked like they were fighting!”

However, online commenter Ken Froelich added: “According to the National Eagle Center Eagles generally mate in the air while free falling and release just before hitting the ground, apparently forgot to let go.”

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