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Headline : Lexus Unveils Electric LF-30 Concept With Drone-Deploying Capabilities
Caption : Lexus has teased its first electric car at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show with the debut of its LF-30 concept.

The car, according to the automaker, embodies the ‘Lexus electrified’ vision and features autonomous driving and drone support technologies that look ahead to the year 2030.

The four-seater LF-30 features gargantuan gullwing doors and a massive glass roof. It uses a quartet of electric motors, one housed within each wheel. Together they generate a peak 536 horsepower (400 kw) and 516 pound-feet of torque (700 nm), enough to carry the 5,070-pound concept to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds. A large chunk of that weight comes from the 110-kwh battery that delivers 500 kilometres of electric-only range.

Packed beneath the floor, the LF-30 uses wireless charging technology to simplify daily charging, and AI-based energy management to enable optimal distribution of electric power to both the vehicle and the home, and charging control coordinated with the user’s daily schedule.

The car is packed with advanced features including a self-parking function and a front-door pickup function in which the LF-30 electrified autonomously moves from driveway to doorstep provide an especially high level of convenience.

Onboard, more artificial intelligence identifies the driver via voice recognition, adjusting elements of the interior like temperature and audio according to their preferences.

The AI can also make suggestions for activities after the driver has arrived at their destination.

Perhaps most futuristic of all however, is the glass roof area above the rear seats. The roof serves a double purpose as it also acts as a “SkyGate” display window benefiting from augmented reality tech to show different types of info: navigation, videos or a star-filled sky – with rear passengers using gesture controls to choose the preferred settings.

To top it all off, the concept is complemented by a “Lexus Airporter” drone-technology support vehicle that’ll carry your luggage from in front of the house to the vehicle’s cargo area.
PersonInImage : Lexus LF-30 concept