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Headline : Couple Find Truck Submerged 26 Years In River - With Skeleton In It
Caption : A couple who went for a recreational scuba dive near an Oregon riverside dock found a submerged Ford truck – with a skeleton in it.

According to police, the Ranger vehicle recovered from the Columbia river is associated with a person reported missing 26 years ago.

Umatilla County Sheriff's Office reported on Tuesday (22 Oct): “On October 17, 2019 a couple who were recreationally scuba diving in the Columbia River at the Hat Rock State Park boat launch in Umatilla County reported that they discovered a submerged Ford Ranger pickup with Washington license plates. The vehicle was in approximately 20 feet of water just past the end of the docks.

“Umatilla County Sheriff’s Dispatch checked the license plate and discovered that the vehicle was associated with a missing person case from the Prosser, WA Police Department, approximately 26 years ago. Mr. Maynard Koen, who was born in 1911, was originally as a missing person in August of 1993.

"We arranged for Columbia Basin Dive & Rescue and D&R Towing from Hermiston to assist us in recovering the submerged vehicle. On October 19th, at approximately 10:30 a.m., we met at the location to begin the recovery. UCSO Marine Deputies were on scene to assist with any boating traffic or other water-based needs. After approximately 2 hours, the vehicle was removed from the water and transported to the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation. Based on the condition of the vehicle and the information available, it appears likely that this vehicle was submerged in this location at or around the time Mr. Koen was reported missing. Further investigation of the interior of the vehicle revealed skeletal remains and a driver’s license issued to Mr. Koen. Positive identification will be referred to the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office."
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