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Headline : Star Wars Made Real: Tabletop Hologram Game Is Launched
Caption : Remember the desktop hologram game in Star Wars? The dream is real thanks to a newly launched games system.

Tilt Five is described as “the first truly affordable Augmented Reality glasses system.” Starting from $299 for a complete kit, the product has launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, where it has already smashed its funding goal of £366,291.

The Santa Clara-based developers explain that “Tilt Five is a whole new way to play, in mixed reality”, which allows you to place real-world counters and figures onto a digitally created board. Users don special glasses and can use a wand-like device to manipulate the game space.

Gamers will have all the advantages of video games - saving games when quests run too long, digital training and rules assistance to help users learn games faster, network play, and the ability to stream games to fans on Twitch, Mixr, and Youtube.

Gamers also get completely new advantages - their own private perspective to plan moves in secret, dynamic story telling tools to impress fellow adventurers in their next RPG campaign, and the melding of physical and virtual game objects.

"When we started designing the Tilt Five system our focus wasn't on the technology for technologies sake. We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that blends the things you love about video games and board games, and we wanted it to be just as fun when playing solo, together with your friends, or even when you're apart," said Jeri Ellsworth, Co-Founder & CEO. “One of the things I’m most excited for is the ability to link your game boards over distance and share the same virtual game space, making it feel like you’re in the same room as your friend.”

The glasses themselves are the lightest on the market, coming it at around 85 grams, so gamers can wear them during extended hours long campaigns. The patented 110° field of view optical system fills the entire game board, and everything is in focus, so gamers can peer in and get a close up look at the details on their game characters. And with stereo speakers and microphone on board, gamers can converse with their friends when playing remotely.

“I’ve been working on this technology for many years now, and it’s so exciting for me, and the rest of the team, to finally be bringing it to the market,” said Jeri, “we’re all avid gamers ourselves, and this has truly been a labor of love for all of us.”

Tilt Five will ship with a variety of free single to multiplayer action and party games, and they have already lined up content from third party developers, including Fantasy Grounds, the most supported virtual tabletop with official licenses for an extensive variety of RPGs.
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