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Headline : Floating Apartment Inspired by James Bond
Caption : James Bond’s new holiday pad? This freshly-launched floating dwelling is called Anthenea.

French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle told The Hollywood Reporter that watching The Spy Who Loved Me at 15 years old influenced the design: the 1977 movie features a villain with an aquatic hideout.

The 50 sq m circular floating home has a full 360° view thanks to surrounding windows. There are also floor windows to observe the ocean underneath.

There is a 007-friendly circular king size bed, a seawater or freshwater bath, a centralised home automation assistance, a 12 people solarium, a lounge area and breakfast room and an underwater access by the central well. The eco-friendly Anthenea is fitted with solar panels to fulfil all electricity needs.

The French company say: “Anthénea respects the place where it is. It is equipped with solar panels to power its equipment. It is available in 2 versions: 3 days or 6 days autonomy.”

Models start from US$517,500.
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