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Headline : Czech Republic's Tallest Building To Be Shaped Like A Crashed Tanker Ship
Caption : A new building earmarked for Prague depicts a huge tanker ship crashed into a skyscraper.

Called Top Tower, the 135-metre-tall (443ft) construction would make it the tallest building in the Czech Republic.

The work is the brainchild of artist David Černý and architect Tomáš Císař, from the studio Black n´ Arch, for the Trigema development company. The design hints at the effects of a post-apocalyptic world.

Situated near the city’s Nové Butovice metro station, Top Tower is described as a “multifunctional high-rise" and will feature a 360º lookout point, including Prague Castle, the National Theatre, Vyšehrad, and Zbraslav.

“We have been preparing the Top Tower project for more than two years and the final version was preceded by eight other alternative solutions. During this time, we have collected and are still collecting suggestions from experts, affected state and local authorities, and of course the local public, whose representatives have already been and will continue to participate in a number of meetings,” Marcel Soural, Chairman of Trigema. A series of public meetings regarding the project are taking place over September and October 2019.

First estimate investment costs for the project have been announced at 2 billion crowns (£68,438,991).

Trigema projects that the construction of Top Tower will begin in 2021 and will take less than three years to complete.
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