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Headline : London Hotel Unveils World’s First Half And Half Hotel Suite
Caption : has unveiled the world’s first half and half hotel suite at The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch, London.

Named the ‘So Extra So Chic’ suite, the room offers design aficionados the best of both worlds when it comes to hotel décor - a room literally split straight down the middle, where half is uber-maximalist and half is ultra- minimalist. Now there is a real reason to fight over which side of the bed you want!

About the So Extra So Chic suite has paired Johnny Wujek, the ‘so extra’ stylist and powerhouse behind the likes of Katy Perry and Mariah Carey’s iconic looks, with Kaitlyn Ham, the ‘so chic’ minimalist fashionista, to design this unique suite.

Johnny Wujek’s ‘So Extra’ side of the hotel suite features golden ornaments, monkey lamps and a luminescent mini bar, curated by clashing prints, layered colourful rugs and wallpaper that could send you cross-eyed.

This is contrasted with the pared back, clean lines and minimalist monochromes on Kaitlyn Ham’s ‘So Chic’ minimalist side, where a statement white leather lounge chair, bespoke line-drawing art,
décor pieces in muted tones and a plush wool throw, finish the look.

The #SoExtraSoChic hotel suite, exclusive to, is now live at The Curtain Hotel in London, and available to book now until 30th September (subject to availability) from £250 per night.

You can find out more about’s So Extra So Chic suite by checking out this link or viewing a short video here:

Extra or Chic – which would Brits choose?
British travellers like to keep it minimal chic with their holiday wardrobe – almost a third (32%) admit to sticking to clean, crisp styles, compared to just 18% of those that enjoy donning bold prints and clashing colours. Millennial Brits love the minimal trend for being fashionable (15%) and classy (17%).

However, it’s another question when it comes to Brits preferred hotel style – where they are looking to live life to the max! If money was no object, one in five (19%) would choose opulent luxury with plenty of gold, marble and velvet, compared to just 8% that would go for a simpler shabby chic vibe. Other décor that Brits would like to see in their hotel rooms include: a free-standing bath (35%), a walk-in wardrobe (26%) and incredible lighting (21%).

Commenting on So Extra So Chic suite, Johnny Wujek said: “I wanted my side of the room to feel exciting and ‘extra’ but also comfy and cosy. It’s a touch of overgrown Great Expectations with a dash of California casual. Style is all about self-expression and, clearly, I have a lot to express. Baby, you better stand out in this world.”

Speaking about her minimalist half of the suite, Kaitlyn Ham commented: “I took inspiration from modern mid-century design to create a space that feels open and calming. All the pieces were chosen for their style and functionality with a focus on quality. The space should feel modern and light yet have an inviting warmth that makes it feel like home.”

Liz Oakman, Senior Director and General Manager EMEA, from brand says, “No matter if it’s shades of grey or an explosion of patterns, we love that people want to stand out with their unique style even when they travel. At, we’re all about trying new things, so with the So Extra So Chic suite, style-loving travellers out there can experience both ends of the minimal, maximal spectrum. Now all that’s left is picking which side of the bed you’re on!”

Pick your side in this incredible suite with here or download the mobile app.
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