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Headline : Rescue Dog With Unique Features Makes Him Look Like A Hollywood Villain

A 2-year-old rescue dog has sent the internet into a meltdown over his rare features.

The Chihuahua has features so unique people have drawn comparisons to a villain out of a Hollywood movie.

Rescue dog Lucky from Thailand has markings that make him look as if he has two completely different faces - an ordinary Chihuahua and a James Bond villain.

Astonishing photos show that Lucky has one brown-coloured eye, while the other is a vivid blue.

The canine also has a black marking above his unusual eye, which appears almost as a raised eyebrow.

Lucky the Chihuahua's owner Charice Fca Cha said: 'I saw a post on Facebook that said that Lucky needs to locate to another home.

'When I saw his face, I promptly realised I needed him and reached out to the proprietor.'

'I was astounded by his appearance but thought he was flawless and one of a kind.'

When 29-year-old Charice received Lucky she shared a picture of her new pooch on her Facebook account and was astounded when the post received over 11,000 likes and over 600 comments.

One Facbeook user remarked, 'Looks like an evil master mind' while another said 'OBVIOUSLY a Bond villain.'

James Bond villain Le Chiffre was portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen in the 2006 film Casino Royale and notably had one brown and one blue eye.

The post was also flooded with comments from people exclaiming how 'cute' they found the pooch.

'He looks like me in the morning when I’m trying to do my make up and get distracted. So cute!!' one person wrote.

Owner Charice said: 'A few people don't accept this is his genuine eyebrow, they think I used a pen or I Photoshopped him!'
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