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Headline : Nine States In 12 Days: Dedicated Storm Chaser Captures Stunning Images Of Storms Across The USA
Caption : IN PHOTO: Dave Stevenson

A storm chaser has captured a series of stunning images of spectacular storms all over the USA.

Dave Stevenson spent just 12 days in June travelling thousands of miles and covered NINE states in 4 weeks.

"I drove about 4,500 miles, or just shy of 500 miles per day." explains Dave.

The incredible photos capture the severity of Mother Nature with images displaying ferocious black clouds and lightning bolts hitting the ground.

Dave, aged 36 and from London, trekked to states Colorada, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas chasing the perfect storm to snap.

“Storm chasing is such a fascinating thing to photograph.’ says Dave.

“The majority of each day is spent planning, looking at maps, and driving, as most large supercell storms don’t get going until the afternoon.”

During his trip Dave had one hairy moment when a lightning bolt hit the ground near his car.

“You could feel the static in the air!”

Dave shot his stills using a combination of high-end cameras, lenses and highly sensitive light detecting triggers that can fire a camera much faster that a human, allowing him to capture a number of lightning images.

PersonInImage : Dave Stevenson