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Headline : Real-Life Batman Rescues Shelter Animals From Euthanasia And Finds Them Forever Homes
Caption : Not all heroes wear capes. Except this one who does.

27-year-old Chris Van Dorn doubles as a superhero and rescues animals that are due to be put to sleep and transports them to loving homes - dressed as Batman.

His journey began in 2014 when his dad decided to adopt a rescue dog which inspired him to give back and help other animals in need. The keen pilot decided to combine his love of animals with his passion for flying and he will transport animals from shelters 'using any means necessary' but he does prefer to fly. He completes his missions dressed as the caped crusader because he looked up to superheroes when he was a child.

Now, Chris is raising money for his non-profit organisation, Batman4Paws, so that he can continue to rescue and transport dogs, cats and other animals in need to forever homes, no-kill facilities and foster homes 'throughout the state of Florida and beyond'.

Chris has a goal on GoFundMe of £27,800 ($35,000) and has currently raised over £26,300 ($33,000). On the fundraising page, he wrote: "It took me some major thinking while in the shower but it finally hit me and I came up with a way of taking my passion of flying and combining it with my love of animals.

"As a child I looked up to the values that super heroes such as Batman reflected and thought that would be the perfect vessel to embody the spirit of goodwill.

"Thus the crazy idea of Batman4Paws was born. I would help rescue animals in need anyway I can, all while dressed as the Dark Knight himself and become a symbol for helping those in need."

He continued: "To make my dream reality, I established Batman4Paws as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation to rescue and transport dogs, cats, and other animals in need to furever homes, no-kill facilities, and foster homes throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Transports are done personally by me (Batman!) using any means necessary, although I prefer to fly."

He then broke down exactly what the money raised would be used for - with $1,000 enabling him to go on around 15 rescue missions. According to Chris, $3,000 will aid in around 45 missions and $5,000 will enable him to go on over 75 missions.

You can visit and donate to Chris' cause by visiting
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